Thursday, October 15, 2009

Munich, Germany! (Oktoberfest!)

Friday, October 2nd, 2009.

The group of us got into town at about 7 am. The train ride down was great because we had reserved beds so we could at least attempt to sleep on the way down. The first thing I did at the train station was grab some Starbucks! First time in all of Europe. Oh, on the way down from Aarhus we stopped in Hamburg which had very high security because of the terrorist threats so we saw lots of cops with guns! We also got kicked off a McDonald’s bench because we were eating Burger King and not McDonalds which was very funny. After we grabbed some coffee in Munich we waited for the Information center to open at 9 am so we could get some information. At around 930 is we decided to go and find our hotel and we used the Underground which was pretty cool. The hotel was only 3 stops away which was very nice. We had to be sneaky at the hotel room because we had not booked enough beds so we took a lot longer to just get into the hotel room. After we got ready at the hotel we caught the underground to go see the Olympic stadium from the 1972 Summer Olympics. The stadium was phenomenal, which was made up of glass panels supported by beams and was used in such a large scale! It was nice to see this monument even though it also reminded me of the Israeli athletes who were killed by Palestinian terrorists. After leaving the park we headed straight for Oktoberfest. We got kind of lost in town and ended up walking much more than we needed to. After we finally got to Oktoberfest we were overwhelmed because it was a giant festival/fair for adults! It was so much fun to see all of the people in lederhosen and the girls dressed up. We grabbed a few tables and drank a few steins of beer to celebrate the kick off to our weekend. A few of us ended up sleeping in another friends hotel for the night and waking up early to head back to our hotel in the morning.

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009.

On Saturday morning we got dressed and showered and went off to go to Oktoberfest at about 830ish. I thought this was kind of early but when we got to the grounds all of the tents were full so we grabbed a table by entrance. It was crazy to be drinking beer so early in the morning but we met a lot of cool Germans and Italians and we did a lot of chanting. After a few hours of hanging out at the table I decided to head home because I felt like I was coming down with a cold. I was at the hotel around 2pm and them the rest of my friends came around 330pm and told me that they had lost our friend Chad! We all napped and then after waking up I decided to stay in for the night because I wasn’t feeling very well and I could also wait for Chad just in case he showed up. At about 11pm Chad walks through the door and tells me about his 20 mile walk around the city. The rest of the group came back at around midnight and were excited to see Chad!

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

On Sunday we got up and headed back to Oktoberfest around 9 am and got a spot at a table in a tent. The environment was crazy and just like you see in movies. There was lots of chanting, singing, and chugging steins of beer! We grabbed some Fish and Chips and decided to head back to the hotel room for a bit because our friend Jaclyn was wasted because she had been hanging out with some Australians who bought her stein’s and chicken which was funny to see. At the hotel room I stayed for about an hour then packed my stuff because I was leaving at 715pm and the rest of them were just staying another night. I went to see some of the cool buildings that I had seen in a brochure. It was nice walking around town by myself and just listening to my iPod and taking pictures of all the cool architecture, and just people watching for a few hours. Grabbed a cup of coffee and went and sat on the steps of a monument and took in some time for relaxation and time to think about how lucky I am to be here. I went to the train station and met some people from Louisiana who had been backpacking for 2 weeks through Europe. The night train was lame though because I had to share it with some other people so I could not really sleep. After getting off at my stop in Kolding I missed the next train because the previous train I was on ran late so I sat in the station for an extra hour. After finally getting to Aarhus I went home and crashed because I was so tired and still a little sick. Overall it was a good trip and a lot of fun.

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