Sunday, September 6, 2009

September rolls in!

AHHH, such a different lifestyle here. I'm feeling like i am finally getting the hang of stuff. Bus system is awesome sometimes even though i go through some sketch places to get to my flat. I have 11 flatmates and they are awesome! I keep making friends from different places which i like and have begun to explore Aarhus. It's such an awesome city! School started last week and i have a 4 hour lecture on friday but its only for 4 weeks then i'm done! The school here throws us parties and even has a club in it called Klubben, things get pretty wild. Im waiting for my schedule to get finalized so i can start planning my trips to different places in Europe. I miss my friends a lot and football too! (Go Beavs!)

This is group 5 that i was in for our international intro group (most of them) we made dinner and hung out.
This is a picture of part of their canal street that is lined with different shops. Will try to get more shots of the city up later on in my posts!

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